What’s Right with Kansas
By: Ed O’Malley
At a time when so much in civic life is disheartening, “What’s Right with Kansas” gives hope for a better tomorrow, created not by civic elites but by committed citizens. This new book from the Kansas Leadership Center tells the real-life stories of dozens of Kansans who demonstrate civic leadership principles we can all use to make progress on what we care most about in our communities.
Your Leadership Edge
By: Ed O’Malley and Amanda Cebula


Designed to help you thrive, Your Leadership Edge offers powerful and provocative ideas to help you mobilize groups around what matters most. KLC’s newest resource offers insights about the daily practice of leadership. It’s a practical, comprehensive guide designed to help you hone the behaviors, attitude and mindset necessary to create lasting impact for yourself, your organization or your community. Your Leadership Edge will help you take your leadership practice to the next level.
Your Leadership Edge Notebook 


A companion to Your Leadership Edge, this notebook will help you begin to put the leadership ideas learned into tangible actions even your boss will notice.
Kansas Leadership Center Handbook
Edited by: Julia Fabris McBride


The Kansas Leadership Center Handbook is a companion for participants in experiences offered by the Kansas Leadership Center and other programs featuring the KLC principles and competencies. Teachers, coaches and consultants working in universities, local leadership programs or corporate training and development will find this workbook useful, replacing handouts and supporting learners as they apply leadership ideas to real life challenges.

Teaching Leadership
By: Chris Green and Julia Fabris McBride

Written to help people who teach, facilitate, coach, train or consult to build leadership capacity in others be better at their work – and for those who aren’t involved with leadership development work yet, but want to learn the basics of how to do it well.

Teaching Leadership is a comprehensive guide to the Kansas Leadership Center teaching, training, facilitating and coaching methods/ideas. This publication includes the KLC curriculum, case studies and overview of case-in-point teaching method.

This is a book for anyone who wants to teach leadership more effectively using three proven methods that make learning more interactive, experiential and impactful. It’s unique among leadership books in that it details the “how” of teaching leadership, and not just the “what.”




The Journal


The Journal, published quarterly by the Kansas Leadership Center, inspires leadership for the common good. People all over Kansas are leading on tough challenges and The Journal tells their stories. Each issue of the magazine features provocative writing, photography, artwork and design, and explores “big ideas” about leadership and civic life.
Subscription of 4 Issues: $24.95
For the Common Good:
Redefining Civic Leadership 
By David C. Chrislip and Ed O’Malley


For the Common Good: Redefining Civic Leadership is a book about the ideas that drive the work of the Kansas Leadership Center. The authors, David D. Chrislip and Ed O’Malley, share their belief that ‘civic leadership’ needs to become more purposeful, provocative and engaging in order to cope with today’s civic challenges and to help transform the civic culture of our communities and regions. Chrislip and O’Malley use the real-life leadership dilemmas of five Kansans to bring these ideas to life. For the Common Good: Redefining Civic Leadership has been honored with a 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Award (in the current events/social change category) and has been named a finalist for the Foreword Reviews book of the year award in social science.

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