This pilot leadership course is a collaboration between the KU School of Medicine and the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC). The focus for our pilot is enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion in our medical school for students, faculty and staff. A case-based approach will be used to learn and apply the KLC transformational leadership competencies: Diagnose the Situation; Manage Self; Energize Others; and Intervene Skillfully.

In order to leverage the most from this educational pilot, we have selected KUSM faculty and staff who are already engaged in moving our organization forward in diversity, equity and inclusion. They will apply the KLC transformational leadership principles to their work throughout the course.

The course requires participation in 8 live sessions delivered via Zoom with pre-work and project work in between sessions. Course materials will be provided. The course book will be mailed to participants. Other materials will be available at https://kansasleadershipcenter.org/kusm-vp/. There is no charge for the course.


Complete the following:

Before Session 1:
  • Review the agenda with reading assignments for each session. Watch the Session 1 video.
Once your book arrives:
  • Begin reading the Your Leadership Edge book. Specific reading assignments for each session are noted on the detailed agenda below.
Before Each Session:
  • Check this page for additional readings and pre-session videos. To save time and reserve the classroom for application experiences, important content will be shared in these videos that will not be taught in class.

(Print in advance of Session 2)


Video 2
(Watch before Session 2)


Case Consultation Guide
(Print in advance of Session 2) 


Video 3
(Watch before Session 3)


Video 1
(Watch before Session 1)


Video 4
(Watch before Session 4)


In-program resources:






Zoom passcode will be emailed to you the
day prior to the start of the program.




Work Products and Resource Materials:



KLC Toolset (.pdf)


Session 1 Slides (.pdf)


Space holder


Fillable Faction Map (.pdf)


Notes from Case Consultation (.doc)


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Teach Team:



Kevin Bomhoff

Donna Wright