Virtual Experiences for Anyone to Join

In place of in-person training programs, KLC will offer a suite of online, virtual and text-based services to address both our partners’ existing leadership challenges as well as respond to the strains of this extraordinary crisis on organizations and communities. These services will enable us to continue to support our partners and pursue our mission of fostering leadership for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities. These offerings include the following:

Video Chats via Zoom – Click here to join

  • 60-minute, live and highly-interactive look into one KLC idea. Learn from wherever you are. Deepen your understanding of one leadership skill from our textbook, Your Leadership Edge (available in our online store). Gain one new tool to help you make progress on your leadership challenges. Hosted by KLC’s core teaching team.

On the Balcony – Click here to join

  • FaceBook Live with the KLC team. Apply the KLC ideas to the challenges of today. Hosted by Ed O’Malley and Thane Chastain.

En el Balcon – Click here to join

  • FaceBook Live con el equipo de KLC. Aplique las ideas de KLC a los desafíos de hoy. Con Claudia Amaro and Lalo Munoz.

Book Club – Click here to join

  • A 30-minute conversation about one idea from Your Leadership Edge by Ed O’Malley and Amanda Cebula with host Raquel Theisen. Find individual chapters available for download below, or purchase the book from our online store.

YLE.com orientation – Click here to join

  • Get up to speed with KLC’s online content. Available anytime, anywhere, for any KLC partner.

Leadership Late Night – Click here to join

  • with D.J. Whetter – when the days are crazy and life is turned upside down you need some leadership at night.

Download the latest version of Zoom here!

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