Equip to Lead

Spreading KLC ideas in your system

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To prepare for Equip to Lead, please take 20 minutes to complete the following:

First –

Complete prompts on page 111 of KLC Guidebook

Second –

Read case study on page 112-114 in KLC Guidebook and reflect on questions on page 114

To review materials from your first two programs, take time to read the following:


Refresh yourself to the KLC Framework by skimming through
Your Leadership Edge

Skim through the YLE and LFC sections of your
KLC Guidebook

In-program resources:






Zoom passcode will be emailed to you shortly before the program begins.




Other resources:


Context & Situations pdf

Day 1 Session 4 Slides (pdf)

Day 2 Session 2 Slides (pdf)

Day 1 Session 1 Slides (pdf)

Day 1 Session 5 Slides (pdf)

Day 2 Session 3 Slides (pdf)

Day 1 Session 2 Slides (pdf)

Day 1 Session 6 Slides (pdf)

Day 2 Session 4 Slides (pdf)

Day 1 Session 3 Slides (pdf)

Day 2 Session 1 Slides (pdf)

Day 2 Session 5 Slides (pdf)

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