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The Kansas Leadership Center is ready to help you make lasting change.

  • Are you a government institution, philanthropic foundation, or corporate citizen working to address an issue of public concern?
  • Has misinformation, or worse, disinformation, driven confusion into the conversation?
  • Are critical stakeholders unable to work together?
  • Is the public disengaged and distrustful of institutions?
  • Is your community divided on an issue?

Our Unique Offering
We mobilize people to engage in the work of building trust. We have the intervention expertise to help stakeholders work together differently to find shared purpose.

More than messaging… More than facilitation… Intervention with a point of view… Progress.

View examples of our recent comprehensive reports below.

Topeka USD 345 Namesake

We partnered with the Topeka Seaman school district and an appointed advisory committee to garner community input on their district namesake question. In collaboration with the advisory committee, we produced a report which surfaced the stories, perspectives and community input on the issue.

Kansas Beats the Virus Research

Explore key learnings from our Kansas Beats the Virus mass action campaign through an evaluation report produced by Third Floor Research, an applied research center operated in partnership with Kansas State University’s Staley School of Leadership Studies.

Wichita Nondiscrimination Ordinance

We partnered with the City of Wichita’s Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights Advisory Board to facilitate a public meeting to discuss the proposed non-discrimination ordinance with advocacy stakeholders. To conclude the project, we generated a report that codified values and perspectives of the factions involved.

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